is specially designed to address the learning needs of the toddlers and kids between the age group of 3-7 years. Our little kids are like sparkling bubbles and we all parents would like them, to always remain so. The site design and content is curated in such a manner that the kids should feel happy while learning and not stressed out. They should enjoy grasping the initials and basics in a more playful manner. The focus remains on teaching albeit in an easy & enjoyable manner through use of colourful presentations, activities and practice worksheets. Videos are also available on our YouTube Channel for further facilitating achievement of the desired outcomes.

About the Owner

The site is run by Meeta Yadav (B.Sc. B.Ed.) qualified, trained and experienced teacher. She has over two decades of teaching experience in schools in Mumbai, New Delhi/ NCR and has taught students from Class 1 to Class 10- subjects ranging from Chemistry, Biology, Hindi etc. She also runs another educational website which addresses the needs of Class 9 & Class 10 students, especially Chemistry. Both these educational sites focus on conceptual teaching in a simple, straight and stress free manner.

Both these non-profit initiatives are building up with time and seek active feedback from users. We received lot of appreciation from Class 10 students of session 2021-22 and did create some content which was specifically asked by students, who reached out to us through emails, feedback forms etc. Therefore we request feedback & additional requirements, if any from individual users, so that our responses & content can further assist our sparkling kids community at large.